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A couple of decades ago –i.e. 1984- Info Arab had started its stream of Arabic linguistic products with a product that was a break through at that time. Arabisk as one of the first MS-DOS Arabization utilities had so many unique features and achieved an excellent market perception and user satisfaction. since then, Info Arab's breakthroughs have started…

Over a thousand person months of dedicated efforts, distributed along the last 30 years, in some periods with a staff of professionals of 15 persons and more, Info Arab succeeded in providing the market with a lot of RELIABLE Arabic linguistic components. The real value of these components is not limited to being the first of their kinds –e.g. the first ever Arabic spelling checker, the first ever Arabic grammar checker …etc- but in addition to these lies a remarkable world class quality and several unique features summarized as follows…

Cibawee Screen shot Al-Khaleej News Paper 1990 Al-Ma'ajem pocket dictionary Al-Dawliah micro-controller based Sample products that uses Info Arab technologies under numerous platforms including MAC OS, Microsoft Windows, Micro-computer chip based hand held devices, Micro-controller based hand held devices.

Platform independence… All the above technologies are truly platform independent. Whether the target operating system is 32 or 64 bits, MS-Windows (9x, NT, 2000 or XP. Vista, Windows 7), MAC OS (86K, PPC, and MOC OSX), UNIX, Linux, or even proprietary OS (as those of the hand held dictionaries based on micro-computer chips or micro-controllers), our technologies are there ready to run.

Most Efficient… since all of our technology modules are to be linked with other applications, extreme care had been taken to their required computer resources –e.g. required RAM, storage ..etc, without forgetting their performance –e.g. accuracy, speed ..etc.

Very well tested… with over 40 thousand copies of Info Arab ‘s ready made products containing these technologies –e.g. Abgad Hawaz, Cibawee, Kalemat, IEAD, ARABISK …etc- and millions of licensees ‘s products –e.g. Word Perfect, Corel draw, Novel group wise, Adobe Indesign, Caere OmniPage, Al-Nasher Al-Maktabi, Al-Sohafi, Alef, Al-Ma’ajem …etc- there is no doubt that these technologies enjoy passing the hardest test ever any product may have.

Covering all the Arabic languages special features including different schools of writing.

Al Ma'ajem PDA IEAD Screen shot

Scalable structure… taking into consideration the proper building blocks of any language and those specific to the Arabic language.

Modularity… each technology is totally integrated with others such that the licensee may choose whatever suits his needs and integrate them within their application seamlessly.

Ease of integration … through the wealth of experience and large number of licensees, Info Arab’ s accumulated experience has enabled it to design a worlds class SDK –Software Development Kit- and API ‘s –Application Programs Interface- that matches the world leaders standards and requirements.