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Spell checker
Most probably you already have an Adobe© product like Photoshop©, InDesign© or InDesign Server©. You may just type some Arabic text and spell check it. Adobe© versions up to CS5 has our spelling checker built-in

Arabic/English Dictionary
Please visit Al-Kalemat© Arabic/English, English/Arabic Dictionary and thesaurus and get a tour on our dictionary and diacratization technologies.

Smart semantic crawling
Please visit Fetch News© to have a look on our smart crawling technologies that is able to extract the meaningful relevant text out of any web page.
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The Word List… As a fundamental stone and building block of any linguistic component, Info Arab is proud that it had spent enormous amounts of efforts, time and money in gathering, entering, revising, and sorting one of the richest electronic Arabic word lists (Lexicon). This moment of time, Info Arab ‘s word list contains 7 million Arabic word. Info Arab had also bought a rich English word list and has the full rights over it.

Morphological Analyzer… Info Arab also invested about three years of research and development on its Arabic Morphological Analyzer launched in 1991 as the first of its kind. This morphological analyzer is another very important corner stone for any Arabic computational linguistic development. In more simple words, it is the basic intelligent kernel over which we can build so many outer smart shells. In addition, this morphological engine could be of use alone in so many Arabic text search engines.

Arabic Spell Checker… As the first comer of Info Arab ‘s linguistic saga and currently the best selling component, Info Arab spares no time nor effort in continuously enriching it with a greater word list, optimizing performance, and enhancements. There is no doubt that this component represents the real cash cow of the various technologies.

Dictionaries… Info Arab also has several versions of Arabic/English, English/Arabic dictionaries. From an entry level dictionary with something like 200 thousand entries, up to a high end with over 600 thousand entries –listed in over 900 A4 pages for each language in two columns with font size point 9. These dictionaries are currently on the market, and have been for 10 years, either on computer software packages –e.g. Abgad Hawaz dictionary, Al-Kalemat, IEAD- or within pocket size hand held dictionaries such as Al-Ma’ajem, Al-Mesbah and others.

Diactratizer… As much as the Arabic language is extremely powerful in so many aspects related to its mathematical structure and vocabulary, as much as it suffers from its modern writing rules. Any body who is familiar with the Arabic language can tell about the possible ambiguities that a reader may face while reading a normal piece of Arabic text just because of the lack of diacratization (Ftha, Dama, Kasra …etc). For this, we have the automatic solution. We can identify and direct the user in proper diacratization of an Arabic word. The open horizons of this technology are limitless. Just think about an Arabic reliable text to speech (e.g. for blind aide), an automated voice mail phone system (e.g. for banks or telecommunication companies), plus other tens of top tech applications.

The Arabic Grammar Checker… In 1993, Info Arab launched the first ever Arabic Grammar Checker as its product named Cibawee. through which any computer user may check his/her text for the proper usage of Arabic grammar rules. This product is also another very basic corner stone of any NLP –Natural Language Processing- development.

Thesaurus… It has always been a good habit that somebody checks a thesaurus from some time to another for a certain word 's synonym or antonym. This usually results in more enriched writing. For a computer based linguistic aid, a powerful Arabic/Arabic, English/English thesaurus exists among Info Arab linguistic technologies and has been in the market since 1995. The usage of such a thesaurus is not only limited to linguistic aid, but it extends to so many other applications including powerful text search engines enabling users to search for the meaning of a certain word rather than the word itself and its derivatives, as it is with the morphological analyzer.

All the above represents a brief description of INFO ARAB ‘s wealth of technologies in the fields of Arabic Natural Language Processing. These considerations, in addition to the ambitious approaches described after, we can imagine the huge potentials that can be achieved.