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Fetch News©
Demonstrating Info Arab's on-line data collection, parsing and monitoring technologies.

Fetch Cloud©
Availing powerful Arabic search capbilities for your own site use.

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Fetch Enterprise©
Monitoring Technologies

About Fetch© technologies… Fetch© technologies are a combination of several mandatory technologies required to enable computer users to…

  • Acquiring information related to their domains of interest whether they are…
    • Local on their hard drives.
    • Local on their enterprise networks.
    • On-Line on the world-wide-web.
  • Sorting information and indexing them up to the most efficient structure through…
    • Parsing information of many source types (e.g. Computer files of different types like Microsoft office files, PDF files …etc, internet HTML sites, XML documents and many other formats).
    • Identifying information domains according to their semantics (e.g. political issues, business issues, personal issues …etc).
  • Assessing information tone and opinion through advanced sentiment analysis algorithms.
  • Searching the information through a unique Morphological based Arabic / English search engine that allows its users to enjoy the speed, efficiency and accuracy of the world class search engines.
  • Monitoring incoming and outgoing electronic data that match any of the above criteria and alerting the users about the occurrence on any pre-set combination met –e.g. a news clips on one of the news papers about his/her company, an incoming email with a predefined words/phrases or a newly edited file with some prohibited textual combination.
Current Fetch© products… Fetch is currently available as follows…
  • Fetch PC©… a client (PC based) application that enables the user to index all of his/her desk-top or laptop contents and search them.
  • Fetch Enterprise©… a server based application that give any enterprise the ability to index all its computers’ contents, backs them up on a server, and search them through a well defined accessibility criteria to preserve the enterprise data security.
  • Fetch Cloud©… a cloud based web service that crawls pre-defined sites and avail their info to its users.
  • Fetch News©… a cloud based portal that crawls most known news papers and news agencies and index their contents to enable its users to use them in searching, monitoring and alerting.
Performance in numbers…
  • Searches a word entry as fast as 6 µsecond.
  • Indexes over 500’000 words per second.
  • Morphs up to 1’500’000 words per minute.
  • Scans up to 9’000’000’000 bytes per hour.
  • Stores the index in 3% of the original files sizes.
Fetch© is available under diversified licensing models that include…
  • Open licensing schemes for named users, machine based, server based and ip based.
  • Timely licensing per month, quarter or annual.
  • Per usage volume licensing related to data size, number of searches or number of documents.