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Info Arab the Software Oasis starting 1989, Info Arab has used this slogan "the Software Oasis" and image to emphasize on the big number of software titles it was publishing in the whole Arabic Region.

INFO ARAB, was established in 1982 with a very clear aim and vision to become the pioneers in computerized Arabic Linguistics. From the very beginnings of the company, and as founders in the industry, INFO ARAB has continuously set the standards for Arabic Linguistic technologies for the entire world.

The long history of INFO ARAB; the accumulated experience along with its sincere efforts in the research and development of many products and technologies have allowed INFO ARAB the position and comfort of achievement.

INFO ARAB has a long line of successful products to boast of, with each passing year allowing for more breakthroughs. Currently in its thirtieth year of business in the industry, INFOARAB ‘s horizons are still open for more accomplishments…

Al-Sharq Al-Awsat News Paper 1991 Al-Khaleej News Paper 1990 Al-Hayat News Paper 1993 PC Magazine 1995 Sample media coverage for Info Arab breakthroughs including Al-Khaleej News Paper 1990, Al-Sharq Al-Awsat News Paper 1991, Al-Hayat News Paper 1993 and PC Magazine 1995.

The Reputation… One does not need to look far to see INFO ARAB ’s clear reputation in the market of Arabic linguistics: The long list of client references, from Adobe, Apple to Corel and Novell; the thirty years of research and development in the field; the long line of successful products; publications on INFO ARAB ‘s breakthroughs in linguistic technologies; the current available remarkable tools in Arabic linguistics (Arabic Morphological analyzer, Arabic grammar checker, Arabic spell checker, Arabic diacratization); experienced technological and linguistic staff; fine list of products in the markets with large clientele ...etc. The list of INFO ARAB’s credentials is quite long and very well supported securing the ability to introduce more and more Natural Language Processing –NLP- components.

INFO ARAB has had a history of continual proof of achievement in the field of linguistic technologies. All ingredients and basic tools for continuous research and developments are in its possession, having created the world’s most thorough Arabic grammar checker and morphological analyzer, and possessing the best Arabic spell checker in the market in terms of the lexicon and technical specifications. More importantly, INFO ARAB has the best methodologies and knowledge, that can only come from thirty successful years in the field of Arabic linguistic technologies.

Abgad Hawaz Spelling Checker Abgad Hawaz Dictionary Cibawee grammar checker Al-Kalemat Dictionary Interactive Arabic English Dictionary Fetch© PC

The Product Line… Since 1982 when INFO ARAB introduced the first ready made packaged Arabic software in the market Arab Plus - a bilingual word processor, its stream of products and technologies had never stopped. Arabisk© 1984, Al-BashKateb© 1986, RX 1988, Abgad Hawaz© 1990, Abgad Hawaz Dictionary© 1991, Cibawee© 1993, al-Kalemat© 1995, IEAD 2001, Fetch© PC 2006, Fetch Enterprise 2009, Fetch Cloud and Fetch News 2012 are only some examples.

The Breakthroughs… The reputation and history of course represent themselves. However when reviewing Arabic Information Systems’ Company Profile, one can clearly see that INFOARAB is truly the undisputed pioneer in the field of Arabic Linguistic Technologies. Truly no other company can boast of such a long list of firsts, such as:

  • First Arabization Utility 1984.
  • First Arabic Spellchecker 1990.
  • First Arabic Morphological Analyzer 1991.
  • First Diacratization and inflection modules 1993.
  • First Arabic/English, English/Arabic Dictionary and Thesaurus 1995.
  • First Arabic/English morphological based desk top search engine 2006.

With a track record like this, it is no wonder that Info Arab will continue to be Pioneering into the Future .