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Info Arab publishes its new web portal Fetch News
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Info Arab publishes the new release of Al-Kalemat Arabic/English, English/Arabic Dictionary and thesaurus
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Info Arab’s main focus is to invest most of its resources in developing new technologies that can be implemented in many useful user oriented applications by other software houses. Accordingly, all our business models are oriented to build cooperation bridges with other software companies and encouraging them to use our technologies in their applications.

Since the mid 80s, we have succeeded to work closely with many international and local companies to adopt our technologies as part of their applications. We are proud that we have successfully dealt with enormous number of reputable companies starting with Apple Inc., Diwan Science and Technologies, Word Perfect, Novel, Corel, Ramar, Nisus, Adobe, Winsoft, Al-Dawliah, Goodhope… and tens of other local and international software companies.

We provide our technologies through a wide range of diversified licensing schemas. Starting with an annual licensing fees that enable our licensees to use our technologies in return for a fixed lump sum, a fixed licensing fees per copy, and up to a revenue sharing model that realizes a true partnership spirit. We also highly encourage other software professionals to implement some use-models that get use of our technologies to provide real added-value applications that target certain customers’ needs.

We respect our partners, understand their needs and work closely with them towards a win-win agreement that makes both parties –as well as our king (the customers)- satisfied and happy.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your specific needs and make sure that we shall spare no time nor effort to provide you with an offer that you will never refuse.