Info Arab Technologies, catering for the Arabic language needs in the digital era
Brief fact sheet...

Type: DLL, .OBJ, .LIB and WCF web service.
Platforms: MS-Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. MAC OS 10.4.x and 10.5.x. Unix and Linux.
Code structure: 32 and 64 native code.
API: World class designed API that enable the developers to check, suggest, replace, skip and add.
Required resources: 430KBytes of storage (distributable zip size is 220KB), full functioning RAM requirement is 154KByte of RAM.
Speed: Checks over 4 million word per minute. Suggests over 150 proper suggestion per second.
Al-Khaleej News Paper 1990 Al-Khaleej News Paper in 1990 applauding Abgad Hawaz breakthrough.

Abgad Hawaz© family of products and technologies goes back to the late eighties when Abgad Hawaz first release was introduced in 1990. After a successful assignment with Apple© Inc. that had started in the year 1987, Info Arab had delivered the world first ever Arabic spelling checker in 1989 on the Apple Macintosh© platform. Followed by two major licensing agreements with Diwan© Science and Technologies and Word Perfect© in 1991 and 1992, Abgad Hawaz spell checker has reached its maturity stage in the beginning of the nineties. And since then, Abgad Hawaz had been licensed to many international software companies to be included as part of their software applications.

Abgad Hawaz family of technologies is mainly concerned with the proper format of Arabic words. Their proper spelling checker is only one of the dimensions (though the most famous) that Abgad Hawaz technologies provide.

The Arabic language has many unique features that would have required the consumption of huge computer resources in terms of memory, storage and processing power except if smart algorithms are implemented. Through a very powerful morphological analysis technologies, phonological based algorithms and many more, Abgad Hawaz has succeeded to minimize the required resources to small fractions of its existing competitors and at the same time provides multiples of speed when it comes to the ability to scan millions of words per minute.

Bench mark of the current version of Abgad Hawaz spelling checker (on a data sample of 11’559’673 Arabic words from social networks' user generated text, News agency news clips and typical business correspondence and documents)…
  • Accuracy of correct words… The speller was able to identify 100.00% of the wrong words. Not a single miss-spelled word was skipped.
  • Accuracy of the wrong words... 0.1% of the wrong words were an acceptable Arabic legal word.
  • Suggestions performance… The speller was able to give suggestions for 83% of the words marked as wrong.
  • Suggestions quality… Suggestions algorithms were able to suggest the correct word in 90% of the suggestion cases.
  • Suggestions relevance… The proper word of suggestion was in the average of 2.6 (i.e. the second or the 3rd word of suggestions).