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There is no doubt that computers and their applications are becoming a mandatory tool in each and every area of our lives. Whether we are using computers for our business or leisure, we need to communicate with them through a natural human language.

For those who remember the early days of the digital era when computers were recently introduced, most of the applications were in English language. It was a must for anybody who wants to use computer to have the adequate command of English language to operate the computers and their applications. This had become a barrier facing those who are not fluent in English language. And this created a need to enable computers to talk with us using our native languages.

We are proud in Info Arab that we have participated in this noble cause since its beginning. Starting from 1984, we have introduced our MS-DOS Arabization utility “Arabisk” followed by other applications in the field of Arabic Natural Language Processing [NLP]. It was a pride that we have launched the world first Arabic spelling checker in 1987, Morphological Analyzer 1990, Grammar checker 1993. And we haven’t stopped.

With the remarkable development of computers capabilities represented in their processing power, storage capacity, communication capabilities …etc., computers applications are penetrating more and more fields day after day. Such new fields require many new technologies. When it comes to NLP, huge efforts and investments are mandatory to let the computers understand our daily life talking and writing. And here comes the real challenges.

Talking about the Arabic language, its unique structures impose the necessities of unique handling for its unique features and characteristics. Enormous researches are required to deal with Arabic texts. And here comes our mission… To cater for the Arabic Language needs in the digital era.

In this portal we are trying to expose to you what we have done, what we are doing, and to share with you our dreams. Welcome to Info Arab Technologies.